Building technology in focus: Uncover resource efficiency potentials in your building with the lift check. 

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What is your consumption of heating energy for electricity and water in direct comparison with other hospitals? With our short check Benchmark consumption key quantity you can find out quickly and easily.

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The resource check Facility Management shows you how you can permanently reduce opreating costs with non- or minimally investment measures.

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Identify with the resource check Energetic Renovation the crucial components for a drastic reduction of energy consumption. What are the potential in your hospital ?

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Recognize the points at which you can save valuable drinking water and what uses there are for rainwater and greywater. Lower your operating costs and thereby afford an contribution to the conservation of natural water resources and to reduce the energy consumption.

Water management

The development of the module lifts resulted with kind support of the VDI-Fachgesellschaft Bauen und Gebäudetechnik. More information on the subject of efficient lifts can also be found in VDI 4707 guideline (German language).

Further sources: ISR‐University of Coimbra (Portugal), Partners: ELA (Europe),ENEA (Italy),FhG‐ISI(Germany), KAPE (Poland), 2010: E4 - Energy Efficient Elevators and Escalators (Technical Report), Link: PDF-Brochure

The development of the resource checks for hospitals made on the basis of the consumption characteristics of the 2005 research report from the ages GmbH and an analysis of the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT. All cases in the resource checks have been awarded for the quality seal "Energy-saving Hospital" from BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany).


BUND-Gütesiegel "Energie sparendes Krankenhaus"

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