Resource efficiency in metal processing

The processing of metal takes place in many industries - from metal production and processing through to engineering and vehicle construction. In this case, the material consumption of the metal processing industry with about 59 percent of the cost of material consumption is the largest share of the total manufacturing sector. The cost of the energy consumption is 41 percent of the total manufacturing. [stand 2010; Analysis of potentials in material and energy efficiency in selected sectors of the metal industry, study 2013, VDI ZRE]

Nine out of ten companies in the metal fabrication and manufacturing say the efficiency potential is not exhausted in their industry. [Implementation of resource efficiency measures in SMEs and their drivers, study 2011, VDI ZRE] Technologies of these industries therefore offer great potential for an increase in material and energy efficiency. To find out where the companies efficiency potentials are, the VDI Center for Resource Efficiency provides resource checks for the metalworking industry .

Resource checks



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