Cost Calculator

The cost calculator from the VDI Centre for Resource Efficiency provides users in small and medium-sized businesses with a practical way of carrying out resource-related cost calculations. It allows users to analyse cost structures and material and energy flows in companies, which in turn helps them identify resource efficiency potentials. Furthermore, the calculator helps users make their investment decisions.

Structure of the Cost Calculator

The calculating tool consists of three modules which can either be used separately or hand-in-hand:

This module allows users to map the cost structure in their companies. It identifies the cost-driving units and shows the share of material and energy costs within the company. In addition, the company’s individual cost structure can be compared to the industry average (Federal Statistical Office). Cost Structure Calculator

This module gives an introduction to the detailed material and energy-based evaluation of production processes based on the DIN EN ISO 14051 standard. The calculator supports the users by providing a structured input option and a graphic representation of the production process. Due to the quantification of costs of operating losses, high material and energy usage within the company can be localized. Material Flow Cost Calculator

This module compares different investments based on their life cycle costs. Amortisation periods of different new investments can be clearly calculated. The input options for the amortisation calculation are based on the VDMA standard sheet 34160. Investment Calculator

In addition to economic aspects, environmental impact can also be taken into consideration. Environmental impact can be determined by the PROBAS database of the Federal Environment Agency. The data is available online at

Terms of Use

Despite utmost care in setting up the cost calculator, VDI Centre for Resource Efficiency disclaims all warranties for the completeness and correctness of the calculations. Users use the cost calculator at their own risk. No liability is accepted.



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