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Cost Calculator

The modules of the VDI Center Resource Efficiency's cost calculator offer users in small and medium-sized enterprises a practical introduction to resource-related cost accounting. They enable an analysis of the cost structure and the material and energy flows in the company and can thus be used to identify resource efficiency potentials.

Structure of the Calculator

The tool consists of three modules that can be applied individually or sequentially.

  • This module allows you to display the cost structure in your company. Users are shown which areas in the company are driving cost factors and in what proportion the company's costs account for material and energy. In addition, the operational cost structure can be compared with the respective industry averages.

    Cost Structure Calculator
  • This module provides an introduction to the detailed material and energy flow-based evaluation of production processes based on the DIN EN ISO 14051 standard. The calculator provides support through a structured input option and a depictured representation of the production process. By quantifying loss costs, material and energy consumption can be localized within the company.

    Material Flow Cost Calculator
  • With this module, investments can be compared on the basis of life cycle costs. The amortization periods of various new investment alternatives can be calculated. The basis for this is the dynamic amortisation calculation. The inputs for the amortisation calculation are based on the VDMA standard sheet 34160.

    Investment Calculator

Offline Versions of the Cost Calculator modules

Usage Information

  • Please note:
    In addition to economic aspects, environmental impacts of resource use can also play a role. Here, the ProBas Database of the German Environment Agency can provide support in determining the environmental impact. This data is available at

  • Terms of use:
    Despite the greatest possible care in the creation of the calculator, VDI Center Resource Efficiency does not guarantee the completeness and accuracy of the calculations. The use of the cost calculator is at the user's own responsibility. No liability of any kind is assumed.


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