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Production Engineering

Companies in the manufacturing sector face the challenge of constinously making their own production more efficient in order to remain competitive in the long term. To ensure that companies can meet this challenge appropriately, it is important to make their own production as efficient as possible, both economically and ecologically, with the help of modern production technology.

Plastic Processing

The picture shows an extruder in the plastics industry. © Panthermedia / AppleEyesStudioWe encounter plastics in almost all areas of daily life. Thanks to their low weight, adaptable material properties and countless possible applications, plastics are popular materials. However, their production requires fossil raw materials that have to be extracted and processed at great expense.

In order to identify potentials for resource-saving plastics processing, comprehensive information, helpful tools as well as practical examples and videos on the topic can be found below.

Metal Processing

Working with metal takes place in many different areas and industries - including metal production, processing, mechanical engineering and vehicle construction. Metal production and the processing of the material have always been extremely resource-intensive. It is therefore even more important to use the available resources as efficiently as possible.

The picture shows a metalworking CNC milling machine.© Panthermedia / cookelmaThe technologies used in these sectors still offer significant potential for increasing material and energy efficiency. In order to identify and raise this potential, helpful information on the topic of metal processing, a wide range of online tools as well as practical examples and videos from the metal processing industry are summarised below.

Surface Treatment

Adequate surface treatment is of great relevance for a large number of different materials. After all, this work step has a lasting influence on the service life of products. For this reason, surface finishing is one of the most important subsectors of the metalworking industry.

However, in contrast to this there is the material and energy input that is required for the upgrading of the diverse surfaces. In order to determine the points at which The picture shows the surface cleaning of a car component. The part is immersed in a basin with liquid. © VDI ZREefficiency potentials arise in surface processing companies that keep additional material and energy input as low as possible, comprehensive information on the topic as well as helpful tools, illustrative practical examples and videos on the various areas of surface processing are compiled below.


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